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Where can an Apprenticeship take you?

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Testimonial - From Coby

I have just finished my Management & Leadership Level 4 BTEC apprenticeship course through The Apprenticeship Centre and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. The course covered a lot of topics and information.

My tutor was very approachable and knowledgeable and guided me as in what order to do the modules best, which made it easier to stay on track during the course.

I liked that the way of studying was as much as possible adapted to the student. I loved doing the audio recordings, which saved me a lot of time not having to write everything out and which gave me the opportunity to speak about the topics as much as I wanted. I always received my marked work back quickly, with constructive feedback.

The advantage of doing the assignments was that it gave me the chance to bring the theory that I had learned into practice, and to receive constructive feedback from my tutor. This combination gave me confidence to implement the new techniques into my role.

Finishing this course opened up new opportunities and gave me a lot of confidence to start a management position within another company.

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