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Thinking of taking on an Apprentice?

Here you will find all the information you will need about taking on an Apprentice.

What are the benefits of taking on an Apprentice?

Taking on an Apprentice can have a fantastic impact on your business. 



Increased quality of work:

Apprentices are continually assessed and monitored. This ensures that the quality of their

work is consistently high. The vast majority of businesses believed their
Apprentices became an asset to their business before the end of their training period. 
70% of businesses with an apprenticeship programme believe the quality of their staff
retention has increased as a result.


Increased productivity:

With apprenticeship-based training to up-skill the workforce, productivity improves. This decreases waste and improves employee satisfaction and retention. 76% of businesses saw an increase in productivity as a result of undertaking an Apprenticeship programme. 57% of businesses believed their apprentices showed more loyalty than their other employees.


Reduced costs:


Alongside the increase in productivity and the decrease in waste, both training and recruitment costs are lower when hiring an Apprentice. An Apprentice’s national minimum wage begins at £3.70 per hour. Many employers choose to increase this as their apprentices develop more skills. 53% of businesses have noticed a decrease in their recruitment costs. 59% of businesses have noticed a decrease in their training costs.


Increased competitiveness:


Collectively, these benefits will increase the competitiveness of your business.
By investing and improving the skills of your workforce, an Apprenticeship scheme can ensure the long-term continuity of your business. Companies have said they have developed new skills themselves from learning from Apprentices. 


Why work in connection with The Apprenticeship Centre?


  • We provide hassle-free and cost-effective Apprentice recruitment. We advertise for and then select apprentices to best suit your vacancies and our apprentices come with a guaranteed high standard of theory training.

  • Our dedicated staff and assessors will conduct on-the-job assessments of your Apprentices, to qualify them for nationally recognised training qualifications.

  • 97% of our Apprentices surveyed in June 2018 reported the support from their tutor was outstanding or good.

  • We run an Apprentice of the month competition to encourage learners to achieve outstanding performance and success. 

  • 100% of employers surveyed by the ESFA in 2018 gave positive feedback on the service we offer.

  • All learners will achieve nationally recognised qualifications as part of the Apprenticeship programme which could include NVQ, BTEC and/or ESFA Apprenticeship completion certificate.

  • All of our tutors are fully qualified and have years of experience within the industry of which they teach.

  • We have a dedicated functional skills tutor to help support and develop your Apprentices maths, English and ICT skills. 


What are your responsibilities to your apprentices?

  • On-the-job training and instruction, including an overview of health and safety.

  • Allow our assessors on-site to conduct assessments.

  • Allow our tutors on site to conduct monthly training, reviews and evaluations.

  • Pay your apprentices’ wages.



If you require any information please contact us today.

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