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Up-skilling Your Workforce

What are the benefits of up-skilling your staff?

Up-skilling your workforce can have many benefits.



Increased quality of work:

Increased productivity – employees’ work more quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.


Increased productivity:

With Apprenticeship-based training to up-skill the workforce, productivity improves. This decreases waste and improves employee satisfaction and retention. 76% of businesses saw an increase in productivity as a result of undertaking an apprenticeship programme. 57% of businesses believed their staff showed more loyalty after they invested in training them.



Increased employee motivation:


By investing and improving the skills of your workforce, an Apprenticeship scheme can ensure the long-term continuity of your business. Employees tell us that they feel more appreciated and motivated when their employer has invested in them and are more likely to stay with their employer. 


Improved communication and participation:

Employers found employees communicate, participate and contribute more effectively and helps create a better bond between them. 

This means within their group's task are carried more effectively. 



Cost-effective training for staff: 


By utilising the Apprenticeship scheme to upskill your workforce you can provide cost-effective training for your staff. Many Apprenticeship schemes are free or paid under the Levy or are subject to a small employer contribution.


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