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What is the Apprenticeship Process?

So you have decided that you would like to invest in the future of your

business by either taking on an apprentice or training your existing staff. 

What is the process? 


Contact The Apprenticeship Centre

Once you make contact with The Apprenticeship Centre we will need to find out more about your business and what you are looking for. We will arrange to come to meet with you so we can get to see the environment and learn as much as we can about the culture of the business and what type of individuals you have work there. This will really help us should we be looking to recruit Apprentices for you. From this visit, we may find there are opportunities for you to take on Apprentices or maybe you have staff working with you already that would benefit from additional training.


Job role and qualification

Once we know a bit more about the business we can work on the recruitment for individual job roles. We have an experienced and dedicated team of recruitment staff to support the needs of your business.
We offer a wide range of qualifications but what we would have to do is find out which of the qualifications would best fit the position in question.


Sign up, paperwork and your responsibilities 


Once you have agreed on which route you would like to pursue we will then need to sign the necessary paperwork. 
The paperwork will both be an agreement on our part to deliver the requirements set out and your commitment as an employer to give the employee the best possible chance of completing the course.  (service level agreement)


Recruitment process

If we are recruiting for you then we will take away the information gathered from our meetings and conversations and start the process of finding you the best possible candidates. We have a few ways in which we attract candidates to the roles which we have vacant. A few are listed below



  • NAS - The National Apprenticeship Service

  • The Apprenticeship Centre App

  • All Social Media platforms

  • Job Boards

  • Network of schools 

  • Google advertising campaigns


As we source candidates they are subject to a number of testing methods which include;


  • Telephone interview

  • CV screening

  • Face to face interviews (where applicable)

  • English, maths and ICT initial assessments


Candidates are required to complete the prior steps before we will promote them to a company. Following successful completion of the initial testing and pre-interview stages, we will then present candidates to suitable employers and look to arrange first interviews or other recruitment and selection activities as selected by you the employer. 


Delivery of qualifications and apprenticeship standards


Apprentices benefit from support from you, as an employer, as well as us a training provider. All our Apprentices are assigned their own personal tutor, who will assess learner work, teach and support and provide resources and guidance. Our Apprentices have the added value of online resources to support their learning and development. We use an award-winning E-portfolio system called OneFile, where learners can see their progress, update assignments and access resources and workbooks at any time. As an employer, you can request a login to the E-portfolio system, so that you can track your Apprentice's progress in real time. Learners can access their E-portfolio from their pc, laptop, i-pad or i-phone. 

We offer Apprentices the opportunity to attend formal training workshops which can be held at our training centre or at the Apprentices place of work.






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