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What Is The Apprenticeship Levy? How Can You Benefit?

What is the apprenticeship levy? The Apprenticeship levy was introduced in April 2017. It will be applicable to UK employers in all sectors with annual wage bills in excess of £3 million. So less than 2% of UK employers will pay for it.

What is the levy for? To fund new apprenticeships and to up-skill the countries current workforce. In England, control of apprenticeship funding will be put in the hands of employers through the Digital Apprenticeship Service. The levy will be charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s wage bill.

How can you benefit from the levy? Apprenticeships and up-skilling your current workforce is a cost-effective way to provide training and development for your staff. It’s an opportunity to develop a workforce that meets the needs of your business. Apprenticeships are excellent for filling entry-level positions but can also up-skill your existing staff. 

How can we help? We employ staff which consist of a strong and efficient team with fully qualified assessors and tutors who are equipped to handle functional skills, full-framework Apprenticeships and additional learner support such as SEN/Dyslexia if required.

We work nationwide and currently deal with around 400 employers on both levy and non-levy contracts.

We have direct claim status for all the qualifications we have been audited on due to the high standard of work we have produced. This means exam boards trust us to deliver qualifications in their name. Our learners can choose how they want to learn and a lot of their work can be done online, saving time and meaning learners can work at a time to suit them.

As a private training provider, we make things happen, we change things as and when we need to and can adapt quickly and effectively to the needs of the learner and employers. We don’t have issues with bureaucracy and red tape. We make the decisions which means you won’t be waiting for an answer for weeks or sticking to a set-in-stone programme. As long as we have your support we can tailor our training to you as a company.

If you have any questions regarding the Levy or apprenticeships, get in touch, 0845-223 5020 we will be happy to chat or email us at


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