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We are often asked “Can I use the Apprenticeship Levy to train my existing staff?”

The simple answer is YES, you can use the Apprenticeship Levy to train existing staff, if done the correct way.

Many employers are already investing in apprenticeships for new managers, to help them get the right skills in line with industry standards. In essence, the term 'apprenticeship' is just a word; it is really a highly intensive training and qualification opportunity - one which many members of your staff may be interested in if they understood it fully.

The traditional preconceptions that apprentices can only be entry-level school leavers or labour-intensive workers are evolving. With the employer-led redesign of apprenticeship standards, apprenticeships are more highly valued training and education routes, which emphasise quality, knowledge and practical skills. At last the perception of apprenticeships is changing - and if you want to make the Levy work in your organisation, you need to educate your staff on this.

Apprenticeships are assessed against levels, as with all qualifications in the UK, ranging from 1 to 8. The higher the level, the higher the level of demand required to complete it. This means an existing member of staff could take a Master’s degree in a specialist subject, which would, doubtlessly contribute towards their growth within the company.

Your member of staff will need to take on an Apprenticeship, they will still work within your organisation but spend 20% of their time 'off-the-job'. i.e. not working directly on their daily role. Most apprenticeships last a minimum of twelve months in order to achieve the right level of expertise. They will need to complete an assessment at the end of the apprenticeship and are likely to gain a qualification. The Apprenticeship will help train highly skilled professionals in line with certain standards. These standards have been developed by employer groups and will ensure all apprentices will have the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to succeed in their specific role.

For more details, get in touch and we will happily discuss the options available.

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