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Private training providers getting better employer feedback than colleges FE Weekly

Employer satisfaction levels have fallen across the FE sector this year, but private providers are still outperforming colleges.

The latest government research, based on the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s 2017/18 employer satisfaction survey, shows a small decline in satisfaction with every type of provider.

The survey of almost 55,000 employers revealed that 87.8 per cent were satisfied with ITPs, while 84.4 per cent expressed the same satisfaction about general FE colleges.

The scores, based on the median rating for the 170 general FE colleges and 327 private providers with sufficient employer satisfaction feedback to be counted in the FE Choices data, are both lower than last year’s, suggesting that overall satisfaction has declined.

Last year, 88.1 per cent were satisfied with ITPs, and 84.6 per cent with colleges.

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