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Inka Polec - Testimonial

Inka recently completed an apprenticeship with The Apprenticeship Centre

See what Inka had to say about completing her Apprenticeship:

Following the completion of my Leadership and Management Apprenticeship level 3, I have really enjoyed the course and felt a lot of the content helped me to understand aspects of my HR role which I hadn’t had much experience in previously, such as redundancies and redeployment – I was able to get involved in the process and by completing the learning outcomes that related to it, I was able to gain a great understand of how and why the processes were followed. In addition, I felt the course has helped to develop me as an individual and help to increase my confidence when working with other senior managers and directors. The L&M course I believe has helped me to further my knowledge and understanding, as well as give me the confidence to apply for a senior position within the HR team which is going to become available over the next 12 months.

The completion of my course has been largely down to the support and encouragement from my tutor, Jan Massey. Jan has delivered some really enjoyable and informative workshops, as well as provided support and guidance where needed. Jan was really supportive in my break in learning whilst I was away travelling and helped to encourage me to complete as much work as possible prior to my break, as well as helping to plan my work once I returned in order to ensure it was completed on time. I have really enjoyed working with Jan & would definitely recommend her.

Personally, the course has been really beneficial and I would recommend to others. Since completing my course, I have started with a new company, Koito Europe Limited, which I have recommended the Leadership and Management course to and will hopefully be able to assist in rolling out the course to managers & supervisors.

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