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How Heather became an apprentice

After I left school, I took on various job roles not really knowing what I wanted to do in my future job wise, none of these roles ever really suited me. I soon was recommended by a family member The Apprenticeship Centre Ltd who would help me enrol in a new apprenticeship as I was struggling to find an office role opportunity without any office experience.

I was then contacted by Gareth who is very friendly and helpful, explained all of which this entitles and helping me secure an interview at Greenfield Recovery where I am now a full-time employee. The Job was offered to me and a week later my apprenticeship began, I met Julie my tutor straight away who explained the whole process and what I will be required to do throughout and what was to expect. The system BKSB where I can monitor my progress and upload my work and see feedback was all set up for me to do my first initial assessments.

Julie has been very supportive, friendly and easy to talk to throughout my apprenticeship. Not long into my apprenticeship Julie picked up that I needed additional support with my reading and writing and put this into place. Throughout the year Julie has supported me which I am so very grateful for.

Following my successful completion of my Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship I am now beginning a new apprenticeship in Customer Service Level 3 as I believe this will help me in the job career path I am undertaking.

Heather Balnave

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