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Getting an apprenticeship job

Apprenticeship jobs can be hard to come by. For some jobs advertised at our centre, we get up to 200 applications for just one job. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.

Some industries are easier to get into than others. You need to make sure that your application looks as good as it possibly can be and that you give the best possible impression of yourself that you can at every stage of the application process.

As a business manager for the past 20 plus years, I have been heavily involved in the recruitment of new staff into my businesses. From an employer’s point of view, the most important things to be considered when hiring a potential recruit are:

- A positive attitude to your career and learning

- A dependable approach

- Enthusiasm

- Hard working and committed to the company

It is important to show the recruiter that you really want the job and that you will add value to their business.

At any one time there are up to 28,000 Apprenticeship vacancies available online across a variety of industries or trades.

You can visit and search for ‘apprenticeships’. You can then look by keyword and/or location. If you find a vacancy you might be interested in you can then register on the website and follow the online instructions to apply for the job.

You can also look on website or call an adviser on 0800 100 900 which is free from landlines and mobiles.

Vacancies can also be found on the following websites:

- National Apprenticeship Service

- Ucas Careerfinder

- Find an Apprenticeship

- All about School Leavers

- Not going to uni

- Milkround School Leavers

- The Apprenticeship Centre

There are many other ways of finding an Apprenticeship. Many training providers will advertise vacancies on their own social media pages, so it is worthwhile researching local Apprenticeship training providers to find out their names and follow their pages.

In addition, you will find APPs for your phone for some training providers who also share job vacancies this way.

You can also ‘follow’ companies that you may wish to work with on social media. Some companies post vacancy information this way too. Social media can also give you more of an insight into the company, so you get a feel for their values and culture.

It is worth looking out for careers events and looking on the National Apprenticeship Service website. It’s worth doing this early on so that you don’t miss opportunities.

If you are thinking of applying for an Apprenticeship after leaving school, you might want to consider asking your parents or other adults to follow these pages too and you can start researching as early as Year 11 or 12 to gain a good insight into what you want.

Our apprenticeship recruitment team will be happy to help with your queries.

Louise Webber

Head of Apprenticeships at The Apprenticeship Centre.

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