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Everything you need to know about apprenticeships.

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Want to know more about apprenticeships and whether doing an apprenticeship is the right route for you?

Look no further below is a link to a new book that will have all the information you will ever need.

The book is a Guide for students and parents and is designed to give potential apprentices a good understanding of what to expect at each stage of the process.

It contains essential tips and guidance on how to be successful from application stage and creating your CV through to completion of the apprenticeship, salary expectations and how apprenticeships compare to university in terms of earning potential.

The book includes tips on how to look for the right employer and training provider as well as how to provide evidence towards qualifications you may obtain during the apprenticeship.

Written by the Head of Apprenticeships for a successful training provider, the author gives insight into how apprenticeships work and how to make the most of the apprenticeship opportunity to enhance your career prospects.

This book would be of interest to any potential apprentice or someone supporting an apprentice, such as a parent or employer. It would also be of benefit to new assessment staff who will be working with apprentices.

You can purchase the book from the link below.

Apprenticeships - A Guide for Students and Parents. -

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