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Deanna Edwards Learner Testimonial

Deanna Edwards Learner Testimonial

I began my course on August 18th, 2018. I was scared and nervous at first about starting a new course, as I had not attended any education since I left school.

My teacher Jacquie was very supportive and helpful and made me feel welcome and comfortable in my new surroundings.

I have never had any confidence when it came to Maths. I always doubted myself.

Jacquie used to break everything down so that it made sense to me, which made maths fun and interesting. Within my 2 weeks course, I believe I have achieved so much!

I now feel confident and empowered because of the time and help I received from my Tutor. I have now passed my Functional Skills Maths at Entry Level 3, Health and Safety Level 1 Certificate and CSCS Card Training.

I believe that sky is the limit and with the right help and support anyone can achieve”.

Deanna has since applied for work as a Security Door Assistant and is attending an interview in due course.

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