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9 Reasons Apprenticeships Might Be For You.

So if you're thinking about doing an apprenticeship but are still undecided then these next 9 points may help you make up your mind. Below are 9 reasons we believe apprenticeships are great.

1. Earn while you learn

The average weekly wage for an apprentice is £170. Now remember when you have no experience and you are not yet qualified this is a great sum of money to be earning whilst you are learning your trade. Some employers will pay more than this too depending on the role and the nature of the business and some employers after a period of time may look to increase your wages based upon performance.

2. No debt

Obviously if you choose the University route you will naturally end up with a fee to pay back come the end of it. For some very specific trades University may be the only option but for a lot of trades now like Manufacturing for example can be done in the form of an apprenticeship, you can earn money as you learn and not wind up with a debt to pay at the end of it.

3. Practical and relevant experience

Sometimes what you learn in a text book or class room can seem logical but when you get in to the real world of work things aren't always so straight forward. This is why apprenticeships are so good from this point of view. You will be exposed to real life situations in the moment and you will have to learn how to deal with them. Not only that but you will be learning from people with tons of working experience.

4. Guidance and support

With apprenticeships you will get support from you colleagues, your employers and you will get support from your apprenticeship tutor too. Our tutors will come out to your place of work plus you can contact them anytime through our award winning online platform where you can speak with your tutor as well as upload all your work.

5. Strengthen your cv

Nothing looks better on your CV than working experience. If you can show you have done a nationally recognised qualification and you have have been working at the same time then that will add a lot of strength to any of your future job applications.

6. Gain an a nationally recognised qualification.

Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles across more than 170 industries, so there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to the qualifications you can gain.

There are three levels of apprenticeships:

1 – Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2)

An Intermediate apprenticeship will provide you with a foundation of skills, while working towards qualifications such as an NVQ Level 2, Functional Skills and, in some cases, a relevant knowledge-based qualification such as a BTEC.

2 – Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)

Advanced level apprentices work towards work-based learning qualifications such as NVQ Level 3, Functional Skills and, in some cases, a relevant knowledge-based certificate such as a BTEC.

To start this programme, you should ideally have five GCSEs (grade C or above) or have completed an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship.

3 – Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4 and above)

Higher Apprenticeships work towards work-based learning qualifications such as NVQ Level 4 and, in some cases, a knowledge-based qualification such as a Foundation degree.

Higher apprenticeships will usually involve you embarking on a supervisor, team leader, or management position depending on the sector.

7. Progress with the business

Many companies say that they find their apprentices are more likely to stay with the business longer and are more likely to achieve promotion.

8. No cost

We have touched on this already but as an apprentice there is Zero cost to you as a learner and in a lot of cases there is no cost to the employer either in terms of the delivery of the qualification.

9. Become part of an essential team

There will be no tea-making and endless photocopying here. Employers benefit greatly from having well-trained apprentices.

Recruiting an apprentice is not only cost-effective for businesses, but also offers young people the opportunity to develop from in their chosen career path.

This means that employers can guide and train apprentices until they are a skilled and reliable part of the workforce, increasing the chances of them staying on with the business. We hope those points help you see some of the benefits of applying for an apprenticeship. If you would like more information you can email or call 0121 2701068. We hope to hear from you soon.

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