A knowledge and competency based Apprenticeship demonstrating that the Apprentice has been trained to develop practical skills in Retail – Sales Professional. These are assessed with on the job observations conducted by one of our Assessors.

The knowledge based element provides a theoretical foundation for practical skills learned at work. Guidance is provided in the workplace during monthly Assessor visits and through workshops specifically developed and delivered to embed Learner’s knowledge.

Included in this is developing the Apprentices understanding of employee rights and responsibilities and outlining what to expect during the course of the Apprenticeship as well as the processes.

All Apprentices are required to be qualified in English and Maths and these can be achieved by taking a Level 2 functional skills qualification.

Within these competency and knowledge based elements are included 6 key elements of learning and development that are monitored, evaluated and assessed, including:

  • Creative thinking
  • Independent enquiry
  • Reflective learning
  • Team working
  • Self management
  • Effective participation

This is a 15 month programme aimed at individuals who wish to pursue a career in, or whose job role is dedicated to Retail – Sales Professional. Occupations or job titles may include Senior Sales Assistant, Sales Advisor, Senior Retail Assistant or overall retail workers who help customers to choose products, deal with customer queries and process payments in a range of retail environments. Coach Sales Assistants, involved in merchandising their sales area. Help to provide a seamless service and to advise and support customers in the use of web-based facilities in-store. Providing excellent retail training can be applied to many job roles and is designed to support employer and sector skills shortages, by attracting new talent into careers that involve Retail – Sales Professionals.